I Heart Market Durban here we come!

We are so excited to be bringing four exciting Korean delights, to the I heart Market this Saturday.

  1. Gotchi 닭꼬치 – a delicious skewer of chicken in the most awesome bulgogi marinade cooked over an open flame.
  2. Kimbap 김밥 – Durbanites might think this is Japanese sushi, but it is different – in Korea Kimbap is made with a large variety of everyday ingredients this weekend we have: Short grain rice, Sausage, Carrot, Campio root, Yellow radish, Seaweed, Egg and Sesame seeds.
  3. Chicken meatballs 닭강정 Sticky and gooey! Made with Korean’s famous Gotchujang (hot pepper) paste.
  4. Kimchi 김치 – This is the most famous Korean traditional fermented superfood, it’s made with cabbage, red pepper, flour, sugar, fishsauce, onion, radish, chives, garlic and ginger.


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