Crazy Korean Take Away Shop in the making!

Wow this Corona-coaster has been wild! It has been so long since we have written a blog post. Now that we have moved and are about to open our new shop, this seems the perfect time.

Although this has been a super tough time for us, we choose to take away the positives.

Our journey to our new Take Away shop, was kick started when South Africa’s Lockdown was declared. In March 2020, we saw a sudden drop numbers of people dining-in, as people learnt about Covid 19.

#Stage 1 “Take Away Menu” launched

Take Aways were a very small part of our business since 2018. Our loyal customers quickly switched to ordering our food and popped in to collect, followed shortly curbside collection and payment – We were blown away by all your support!

#Stage 2 – “Family Time

As tough as the first 21 days of lockdown were, Kwangjeon spent quality time with the family, the boys played basketball, did laps in the garden, pushed weights, experimented with different recipes and had dinner with our tenants – the first time in years – a well deserved break from hectic restaurant life. He also used the time to “work ON his business” – and realised that it was time to switch business models and open small Take Away shops in Durban and later in other parts of the country.

#Stage 3Essential Service Permit” for Level 4

With large overheads to cover, Kwangjoen quickly realised he had to keep selling – viola – “READY TO COOK” meals (an idea he had wanted to launch months earlier) became an overnight reality. We quickly made a Youtube video featuring our sons, to demonstrate how the deliciousness of Korean flavours could easily be enjoyed in the comfort of everyone’s own homes. Then Kwangjeon delivered the dishes himself, from Mt. Edgecombe all the way up to Hillcrest – he was stopped by the police on many occasions and asked for his paperwork – very strange times in deed.

#Stage 4 Take Aways permitted, signed up with MrDFood

It was exciting to join the MrDFood app, our unique Korean food could now be ordered by so many more people. Kwangjeon could also stop spending so much time driving all over Durban.

#Stage 5“A Taste of Retail”

We were approached by a number of Spars to run a Pop Up Food Bar in store and supply our Ready to Cook Meals on an adhoc basis. We really appreciate the partnerships we are now forming…. Umhlanga Rocks Spar, Kensington SuperSpar, Avondale Spar

#Stage 6“Flagship Crazy Korean Take Away Shop”

We looked around for a suitable spot, in the same area, that has been our home for the last two and a half years – this was so that we could be close to our loyal customers and centrally located to reach as many people as possible. We found a great little spot at the Broadway Medical Centre, 5-7 Swapo Road. Although a little off the main road, we like that customers can pull up outside our shop without any traffic, and grab the most awesome Korean food in Southern Africa.

We are still finalising preparations, moving, painting, building a kitchen, licencing etc. We can’t wait to open and provide delicious fresh unique Korean food to you our most valued customers.

The minute all is in order, we will let you know via Facebook, Instagram and our Whatsap group messages.

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