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What an Craaaaaaaazy weekend. Crazy Korean absolutely loved the Litchi Market – live music, hungry people, fantastic vibe what more could you ask for on a wintery (ha!ha!) night in Durbs? We sold out in just two hours, making this our fastest sales evening since we started almost 2 months ago. If we were in a Korean winter the temperature would be way below zero (like -20 degree excluding wind chill temperatures), so you can see why these Crazy Koreans LOVE Durban. We are happy to announce that our kimchi is now stocked by Dawn from Home-Grown Fresh Wholefoods. Thank you for your assistance in helping to enable us to participate in this great evening.

On Saturday we got to experience another world all together – The Veteran Car Club of SA Show Day. Drummies, choirs, experts, and the most wonderfully impressive collection of cars ever! The love, care, man/woman hours that have gone into each of the beauties was truly impressive – we also sold out at this market and a new dish was born…. we began serving GangJong on the stirfried noodles – a WINNER! Thank you to Christine and Shaun Standeaven for the invitation to participate.

That takes us to the Wonder Market on Sunday – our second time, wow we loved it! People really enjoyed our noodles and many more came back for Gangjong again. We also LOVE that people who have been hunting high and low for kimchi and have now found the best in the country! We are looking to stock Kimchi in health shops and cafes, so if you know of any places that would like to stock it, please email us on If you would like us to bring kimchi to a market please pre-order to avoid dissapointment as we bring a limited stock with us.

Kamsahamnida or Thank you in Korean. We are loving to get to know so many know so many new Korean food fans. Please like and share our facebook and instagram pages with those you think will enjoy it and look forward to seeing you soon!

Private Dining with Crazy Korean

Would you like to try a larger variety of authentic Korean food in Durban? Crazy Korean offers private dining at Chef Lim’s home.

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Our story begins like this….

We met Tamas the hungry Hungarian at The Morning Trade, he just loved Crazy Korean’s Gangjong, Kimchi & Gotchi. After little chat, he asked if he could taste a wider variety of Korean food with his friends… So we invited them over to Chef Lim’s house for a Set Menu at R250 per head, a perfect introduction to a variety of Korean dishes.

To book and enquire about availability lease email info@crazykorean  Minumum of 4 people per booking required.


Tamas Szilagyi님이 Crazy Korean 대한 리뷰를 남겼습니다 57월 15일 오후 10:18 ·

I’ve just had one of the most amazing dining experiences of my life thanks to KJ and Mr Lim of Crazy Korean at Mr Lim’s home. The food was scrumptious and plenty, a genuine Korean experience. I will definitely go back.

Shelly님이 Crazy Korean 대한 리뷰를 남겼습니다 57월 15일 오후 9:42 ·

Absolutely delicious food and great hosts at the private dining setup by Crazy Korean! Enjoy many courses of traditional Korean meals with a group of friends, I highly recommend it.

Instagram Private Dining


To start with there will be three dishes

  1. Bi-Bim-noodle- (light veg noodle)
  2. Hae-mul-jeon  (Seafood type pancake – can dip in soya)
  3. So-Go-gi-cho-bab (Fillet of beef sushi type pieces)


  1. Tang-su-yuk (sweet and sour pork pieces)
  2. Dak-gang-jong (Chichen meatballs in Korean chilli paste sauce) – you know this one….
  3. Bul-go-gi (marinated thinly sliced beef and onions ) – an absolute favourite with all people trying Korean food for the first time.
  4. Bi-Bim-Bap (vegetable & beef on rice topped with egg)

And finally

  1. Mixed fruit (Koreans don’t do western type deserts, they believe fruit is the perfect way to end a meal)

Dishes are placed in the centre of the table, guests help themselves.

Instagram Private Dining2



iHeart Market twice in one month! Yipeeeeeeee

Look out for the Crazy Korean at Moses Mabhida and at the beachfront Bay Lawn, North Beach for the Loerie Special Market!

We will be bringing oodles of noodles this month topped with yummy ‘kalbi’ marinated chicken! Try to say it Bo-kum Guksu….. let it roll off the tongue…

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