International Women’s Club Durban – Masterchef Competition

UWC Durban Cooking Club

Hosting 26 lovely ladies from the IWC Durban Cooking Club on Friday 9th March, was super exciting for Crazy Koreans Kwangjeon (KJ) and Chef Lim. On arrival the ladies chatted on the deck of Oceans23 before entering the dining area.

The morning started with a demonstration by Chef Lim on thinly slicing the vegetables and seafood needed for 해물파전 – Hae Mul Pa Jeon (ENG) Click for recipe. Everybody watched carefully, as he expertly flipped the pancake over – knowing that they would have to do the same, when the competition started. Next up was was the careful preparation of vegetables for 불고기전골 – Bul Go Gi JeonGol (ENG) Click for recipe. Presentation is very important in Korean food, so when judging the various teams, Chef Lim would be looking at slicing technique, texture and presentation.

“Your time starts now!” 7 teams of 3-4 ladies enthusiastically began the slicing and dicing, the noise level rose substantially and it was fantastic to hear and see everyone enjoying themselves. The pancake flipping was such fun, getting the timing right was very important – also making sure it was the correct colour was critical too. Team 7 were the winners of 4 infamous bottles of Crazy Korean Kalbi sauce, 축하합니다 – Congratulations!

Then it was time to sit down and enjoy the delicious Korean food the ladies had made. Crazy Korean staff added some bap (밥) – short grain sticky rice , ban-chan (계절별반찬) – seasonal side dishes and those who wanted to, toasted the success of the morning with Korean alcohol Soju and three shouts of Geon-bae (건배) – Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

If you are interested in booking a cooking demonstration the cost is R250 per person, minimum 12 people. To book please email us on