Family Friday

First of all, I would like to express my deepest condolences to those affected by the Durban riots and looting and thank you to those who are still working hard to protect the local community.

For me this week has been hard after 16 years of hard work, my na-nu-ja Photobook business was burnt to ashes. It happened so suddenly, that I couldn’t focus on anything else. Crazy Korean will also now face difficulties to open due to a hard-hit supply chain, no transportation for our staff – we are trying to be optimistic that we can open sometime next week – will keep you updated.

Friends and customers have asked how they can help, we humbly ask that in order to pay salaries, meet monthly costs and try and get back up and going, we are appealing for assistance. Any small amount will help us to move forward.

Someone said that the greatest hope comes when you are most desperate. I hope you have a peaceful Friday with your loved ones, even though it has been a wounded week.

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