Crazy Korean tries to win Spring Stand Competition!

Have you ever seen something so crazy? These nut cases wore South African afros and sunnies all in the name of Spring fun at Bellevue Night Market! Because that’s how they roll!!!!

Sadly the evening was washed away by a manic storm, thunder lightening and hail nogal! But we LOVED the customers we got to meet. A lovely young student studying animation (and her kind mother who braved driving in the storm), love birds celebrating their 38th Wedding Anniversary, expressive South Africans and some international guests. Life is about making the best of everything…. making lemonade, when given lemons…. Come visit us at Shongweni Farmers Market tomorrow, we have lots to sell to help us make up for tonight!

Nitrogen Icecream, Fashionistas and Vibes at Musgrave Rooftop Night Market

Musgrave Rooftop Night Market: Dancing, delicious smells, burgers, rotis, pancakes, fashion, musicians, friends, seafood, drinks, cultures, sharing, laughing, talking, children, families……AND SCRUMPTIOUS #CRAZYKOREAN STREET FOOD. Kamsahanida (Thank you) to all our old and new fans, we love your support! Remember follow us on facebook and instagram to see where we will be next!

춤, 맛있는 음식 향기, 버거, 로티, 팬캐익, 패션, 음악가, 친구, 해산물, 각종 음료, 문화, 나눔, 웃음, 수다, 아이들, 가족….. 그리고 환상적인 크래이지 코리안의 거리 음식!!! 저희의 단골 및 새로운 팬들 열렬한 성원을 감사드립니다. 페북과 인스터그램을 통해 다음 장소를 공지하니 “팔로우” 잊지 마세요!

BMX Bikes, Salsa, Art and Korean Street Food Fans!

It’s hard to believe that when we launched just 3 months ago, that there just two food vendors at the Station Drive Precinct’s First Thursdays… this week people were spoilt for choice. thank you #CrazyKorean fans, we appreciate the awesome feedback we got on our Fried rice cooked on a daepan.

와우~ 3개월전 이 마켓을 시작할땐 우리를 포함해 딱 두 곳이 음식을 재공했는데 이젠 제법 활성화되어 거의 10곳이 가까이 되네요. 다 우리를 따라 다니나 ㅋㅋㅋ

Chef Lim enjoyed performing his taekwondo like moves on the flat skillet. The fried egg didn’t stand a chance getting chopped up like that! Another new addition to the already amazing Tak Ganjong & Tak Kalbi – was a chilli like sauce, that Durbanites had no problem, adding to their dishes to take the heat to a new level….

보라 저 임세프의 현란한 팔놀림을…  해병의 절도있는 태권도에 혼쭐난 볶음밥은 어쩔줄 몰라 춤을 추며 다시 한 번 거리 음식을 새로운 레벨로 올라 갑니다 그려 ^^

Coming soon will be these awesome Crazy Korean sauces bottled, so you can  take them home and produce the scintillating Korean flavours yourselves… how exciting!

매콤한 소스 덕인지 요즘들어 소스를 찾는 팬들이 부쩍 늘었네요. 조만간 포장된 소스도 집에서 드실 수있도록 준비할게요.

A big Thank you to our fans who were happy to be photographed, to our son’s KZN Academy’s Soccer coaches, our tenants and Durban Korean community members who all came to visit, we love each and every one of you! KAMSAHAMNIDA

저희와 즐겁게 사진을 찍어주신 팬분들, 재든이 축구 코치, 그리고 우리 세입자와 더반 커뮤니티. 감사드리고 모두사랑합니다.


Litchi Orchard Market | SA Car Veteran Club Show | Wonder Market

What an Craaaaaaaazy weekend. Crazy Korean absolutely loved the Litchi Market – live music, hungry people, fantastic vibe what more could you ask for on a wintery (ha!ha!) night in Durbs? We sold out in just two hours, making this our fastest sales evening since we started almost 2 months ago. If we were in a Korean winter the temperature would be way below zero (like -20 degree excluding wind chill temperatures), so you can see why these Crazy Koreans LOVE Durban. We are happy to announce that our kimchi is now stocked by Dawn from Home-Grown Fresh Wholefoods. Thank you for your assistance in helping to enable us to participate in this great evening.

On Saturday we got to experience another world all together – The Veteran Car Club of SA Show Day. Drummies, choirs, experts, and the most wonderfully impressive collection of cars ever! The love, care, man/woman hours that have gone into each of the beauties was truly impressive – we also sold out at this market and a new dish was born…. we began serving GangJong on the stirfried noodles – a WINNER! Thank you to Christine and Shaun Standeaven for the invitation to participate.

That takes us to the Wonder Market on Sunday – our second time, wow we loved it! People really enjoyed our noodles and many more came back for Gangjong again. We also LOVE that people who have been hunting high and low for kimchi and have now found the best in the country! We are looking to stock Kimchi in health shops and cafes, so if you know of any places that would like to stock it, please email us on If you would like us to bring kimchi to a market please pre-order to avoid dissapointment as we bring a limited stock with us.

Kamsahamnida or Thank you in Korean. We are loving to get to know so many know so many new Korean food fans. Please like and share our facebook and instagram pages with those you think will enjoy it and look forward to seeing you soon!