Crazy Korean LOVES iheart Market!

JHB friends visit Crazy Korean
Thank you JHB friends for the support!

Why do we love the iheart market? It’s nestled next to the most beautiful and warm Indian Ocean. It is next to the iconic Moses Mabhida stadium? There is so much to do, to eat and to look at…… Once again we sold out of Gangjong, Gotchi, Kimchi again – we need to up our numbers! Thank you to my Mother-in-law for all the help and to friends who popped in an visited even from as far away as JHB…..

This is one of the best places to visit on the weekend and especially in the divine Durban winter weather.

CRAZY KOREAN ❤️ I heart market!!!

내가 사랑하는 마켓

인도양 바로 옆이여서 ?
더반의 아이콘 마비다 스테디움 앞이어서?
맛거리 볼거리 할거리가 많아서?
문화적으로 다양하고 폭넓은 방문객들이 찾아와서?
닭강정, 꼬치, 김치 또 동나게 팔아서?

그쵸, 이 모든게 어우러져 있는 I ❤️ market은 따뜻한 더반의 겨울 주말의 축복 같은 곳 이네요. 상쾌하고 힐링되는…

우리 Crazy Korean은 정말 이곳을 사랑합니다!

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